Saturday, September 13, 2008

Morning Musings On Hermes...

I did not sleep very long last night, I suppose that I am extremely concerned for a scarf collecting friend who emailed me before "Ike" hit that she was indeed planning to stay in Houston. I hope and pray that the people who did stay are spared any tragedy.

Like so often when I feel a little stressed, I am drawn to thoughts of the scarves, looking for comfort in the silk I suppose.

I thought I would post some things this morning, while sitting glued to the reporting of the storm.

I received another very nice vintage piece to use with Pochettes this week. I really like this scarf ring as it is pewter, so no chance of sterling residue on the scarves. Also it has such a nice Celtic design, and I am partial to things with Celtic symbols on them. It has a shape similar to an Hermes chaine d'ancre, but it is smaller and just the right size for pochettes. I think it works well this red Aux Pays de Espices (an Annie Faivre design)

In 2002 Hermes produced an item which they called "anneau collier bambou" or "Bamboo Halter Necklace". The retail price was $560.00, and according to what sales associates have said, it did not sell well so Hermes never produced them again. Personally I think that was a mistake, and I am a bit shocked that Hermes made that decision especially since they featured it prominently in their little "Carre" tying book printed that same year. The picture below is from the scarf tying booklet.
The only way to acquire one today is to purchase it resale. They sometimes show up on eBay, and of course they sometimes show up at private party tag sales. I have actually found a couple at estate sales. They are not easy to come by. And they often come up as the topic of collectors groups with someone desperately searching for one.

I have found them useful even if you are not into the "Halter look". Some pochettes were never produced as full size scarves and the holder allows you to wear a pochette in a neckline for that layered look. I often like to do this with a crisp white shirt, as show below with the pochette featuring little characters contorting themselves into numbers. (Sorry but as long as I can remember no one has ever known the name of this pochette).

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