Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ex Libris en Kimonos

It has been awhile since I found a scarf in the season offerings from Hermes that knocked me into a scarf fantasy heaven. But this season's Ex Libris en Kimonos wowed me like the good old days.
Having lived in Japan for eight years, I had plenty of time to fall in love with the people and the history, with the arts and the culture of a past that people continue to keep alive today.
Ex Libris en Kimonos spoke to me loudly, especially when I read that much of the design was taken directly from historical Kimono fabric patterns from the Matsuzakaya Kimono Museum. I knew I had to have it, and I knew I wanted it in a colorway that stayed true to the historical element from which the design came. The colorway of noir/ocre/petrole does just that. It stays true to the historical colors of the time. This colorway also lends itself to a magic of pairings within the wardrobe, oranges, peaches, blues, browns, creams, black, silver, golds, turquoise, and greens, and purple. Such a vast awray makes it the perfect "go to" choice. Which is exactly what I was wanting in this purchase.