Friday, August 28, 2009

Findking the Best Deal On the Amazon 2 Kindle

Searching for the best internet deal on Amazon Kindle 2 ? Looking for that illusive Kindle 2 coupon ? Well I discovered a way to purchase one that saves a few dollars so that you can then put the savings into some accessories like a beautiful cover from Oberon Designs such as the one seen below.

First you need to have a paypal account and be willing to shop for and purchase your Kindle on eBay.

Then you have to go to

Open an account there (do not worry no money changes hands on bing).

Then do a search using the Bing cash back search box for "Kindle 2" or any thing Kindle for that matter.

Once your search is complete on the right side you will see a link to eBay advertising the 10% cash back. Click on that link find your kindle that you want to purchase

***Do A "Buy It Now"

*** Use Paypal to pay for the purchase.

***** And later in 60 days you will get a credit in your paypal account for the cashback from your purchase.

***Make sure you follow all of the eBay prompts given you while purchasing.

It is that simple. And if you are a wise shopper you will check the feedbacks for the sellers, watch for "new" unopened unregistered Kindle 2. You will be on your way to the best reading experience you will ever have.

Take the money you save and buy your self a pretty cover over on Oberon Designs

You will own the reading enjoyment of a lifetime that will go with you anywhere you want to take your Kindle.