Friday, August 29, 2008

Musings on Rings For Hermes Pochettes

Hermes Pochettes are just as collectible as their other scarves and shawls. Sometimes a design was released in a pochette, such as "Metamorphose D'un Carre" and "Jardins D'Eden". Pochettes can often be a fun way to start an Hermes scarf collection for the new collector, and they allow us to go ahead and wear a nice silk scarf when weather directs otherwise.

Recently I was involved in a discussion on "just what can be used as a scarf ring for Hermes Pochettes?" Now Hermes makes some nice rings for them, there are the twilly rings, and most recently horn, and metal "chaine d'ancre" rings that are quite nice, but some feel they run on the expensive side. I myself like them but feel they are a bit limiting.

I like to vari my rings as I vari my scarves. To me the wearing of a pochette while still sophisticated, also has a bit of an avant garde look to the style. Therefore I enjoy really coming up with unusual rings to wear with them.

I have found interesting vintage pieces such as bakelite pieces, old victorian scarf slides made of carved ivory, and gold; not only add texture, but attract the eye.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from my vintage collection which I reserve for my pochettes.

This is one of my favorites given to me by my mother before she passed away. It is a smooth bakelite piece embeded with rhinestones and is flat towards the back and lays so nice upon the neck. It adds a touch of elegance to this "Musique des Spheres" pochette.

This is an unusual piece a mixture of wood, stone, rosegold, and shell. I think that it pairs well with this Legende Kuna Peuple de Panama. (You can click on any picture and it will open larger)

This is another vintage bakelite paired with rhinestones, piece, and pairs nicely with Metamorphose D'un Carre.

Yet another bakelite / rhinestone piece.

This is a gold victorian scarf clip it pairs nicely with this Effluves. This type of scarf clip is not easy to come by, it has an inner hinge that is smooth an pinches in to hold it in place.
This is a carved ivory piece in the shape of a belt with buckle. The buckle pieces are inlaid silver. It kind of says Hermes to me in a very vintage way.

This is an all glass millefiori paperweight ring and is a highlight when paired with a Sulfures pouchette.

As you can see the sky is the limit when it comes to finding vintage and antique pieces to use as scarf rings for Hermes Pouchettes. Make the most of your own style and imagination, most of all have fun.


daydreamerping said...

hi thanks for dropping by.. i cant afford hermes at the moment, i wish someday ill have it..heheh

Karnikova said...

hey, I wasn't aware there are other scarf fans out there ;)) i absolutely loooooove them

WendyB said...

I never even knew scarf rings existed. Good post!

dragonfly said...

Hi Wendy, you really honored me by posting your comment. Your jewelry is beautiful!

Thank you so much for your very nice comments.