Friday, August 15, 2008

Musing On Predicting the Recontre Oceane of Tomorrow

I sat in anticipation, breath paused with others in the room. I had come, as many others in the room an invited guest of Neiman Marcus, for the unveiling of the new fall/winter line of Hermes scarves in 2007.

When I arrived it was to a beautiful presentation of superbly set dining space, and the ultimate, a cake made to look like an Hermes presentation box. The room rang with this was going to be a wonderful gathering. There were of course many hellos to friends from far and near, the hugs, the oooos, and the awes over which scarf each one had chosen to wear.

And then we settled in for what was to be a delectable feast both for the palette, and for the eyes.

That is how I remember the day that I met, what I believe to be the next rival for top covet, in the wonderful world of Hermes scarf collecting. I was seated by chance at a table near the area where the models and the scarves made entrance. A couple came out and were handed to the table for review, they were pretty, indeed beautiful, although today I could not tell you what the names were or the colorways of those that arrived before "Chevaux de France" in a beautiful turquoise contrast hem colorway.

When this scarf was laid in my hands thunder clashed above me (OK a little exaggeration here, but that is what it felt like). Every color of the rainbow was deftly layered upon the silk, it glistened in the light, revealing the intricacy of the pattern, which was made to look like fine needlepoint stitches throughout revealing from afar a detailed design.

So why was this scarf so different? Why had I been struck almost dumb in its presence? Quite simply, I remember the raves of "Pavements" a scarf that rose in extreme popularity, and to this day remains a highly coveted piece, even after it made the list of those chosen to be faked by the unscrupulous counterfeiters.

You see "Pavements" is a design where each mosaic piece is different in shape, color and hue. But taken altogether they make up an incredible design, and so the effect is one that lends itself to the fact that someone would be hard pressed to find something that they could not wear their "Pavements" scarf with. The scarf to end all scarves if you will.

For quite sometime the "Pavements" design was a much sought after design, the prices resale went regularly went quite high for then resale pricing standards. In today's market it is still a loved design, but it does not command the attention, nor the pricing that it did four years ago. It has been replaced in that profile with a scarf that has less wearable attributes, that is to say is somewhat limited to what with and when it is worn, and that is the design "Rencontre Oceane" this scarf design seems to be most remarkable due in part to the saturation of colors in the design especially the central portion. All colorways of the design are beautiful, but the black, lime green, and the blue colorways seem to command the highest prices.

The length of time for which "Rencontre Ocean" has commanded the exteme high resale value, remains unprecedented. I am often made to wonder why this continues to be, as discussion regarding the design among collectors is unending at times. Such that I feel often we miss discussing other designs which quite frankly are more remarkable in nature.

And such is the case with "Chevaux de France". I fully predict that in the years to come, this design will become the much sought after, hard to accquire in lower price ranges, and will last long on the list of most desired designs.

I recently accquired one in the multi -color turquoise contrast hem colorway. This scarf is timeless, the details of the representation of the needlepoint stitches is heavenly to the extreme. I lose track of trying to count the colors represented in the design, it is truely amazing. I have taken and paired it with much of my wardrobe and found it to compliment nearly everything. In my opinion Hermes out did themselves in this scarf. I have not been extremely happy regarding most recent past season designs, I think I only purchased one from the spring 2007 collection. I completly understand the marketing stategy to attempt to market to a younger buyer. This effect on myself has been that it only makes me appreciate the designs of yesterday more. Until "Chevaux de France" this is a design that in later years everyone will be seeking and for all of the reasons that "Pavements" and "Rencontre Ocean" have been so loved it too will be desired.

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AngelaB said...

Dear Dragonfly,

I just stumbled upon your blog, and couldn't stop reading for the last 30 minutes! Fascinating posts with lots of interesting writing.

I'm also totally with you on the Chevaux de France design. It was love at first sight for me as I cross-stitch for a hobby. I love the blue-turquoise colourway that was shown.

Thanks again for the lovely posts.

Angela (from sunny Singapore)