Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Musings On Hermes Scarf Artist Philippe Dauchez

On July 23, 1948, France named Philippe Dauchez their official Maritime painter. His father Andre Dauchez had himself served as the official painter of the Navy, and would have wanted to direct his son towards a career in science. But Philippe Dauchez had been surrounded by artistic medium since childhood, and his love of both art and the sea quickly took root.

During a time in history when the rest of the world is just discovering the world of pleasure boating, Philippe is quietly building hid own sailing vessel in order to devote time to his passion. This passion came to an abrupt halt with the onset the war. Having obtained the coveted title of official painter of the Navy, he will then cease to sail on the seas of the world for the pleasure of cruising and racing. Instead he will carrying out his duties to document the history through the painting of France’s National marine.

His painting is spontaneous and merry, it the precise rendering and character requested of the official painters of the Navy, but it also has the reflection of the artists feelings as we can see here in the Hermes scarf bearing his signature. Here we pause as if on the docks to notice the quiet resting place of the yachts of a yacht club. Perhaps on the morning, just prior to opening day.

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