Thursday, September 18, 2008

Musings on Hermes Vent Portant

The scarf pictured above is Hermes "Vent Portant" designed by Yannick Manier in 1992. It has never been re-issued. There was a later issue of a detail (a partial print of the original design). This scarf again has amazing detail.

Hermes uses an overlay of a heavier solid white dye called Matte Blanc on many of their designs especially the older pieces. Matte Blanc creates a light reflective sparkle which gives the design depth. There is an incredible use of Matte Blanc in this particular design on the waves. Giving them a very real appearance, you can almost hear the sound of the sea.

Yannick Manier was a very prolific artist of Marine paintings, his pieces show up quite a bit on the art auction circuit. He also illustrated many books on the subject of marine navigation. There is a very famous catamaran which bears his name.

This design does not come up often on the resale market. I recently placed mine up for sale at a reasonable price but did not get any takers. I think that was karma as I really don't think I wanted to sell it, as it ties beautifully and goes well with my favorite grey cashmere sweater.

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