Saturday, September 13, 2008

Musings On Hermes Artist Henri De Linares

Henri De Linares was a very prolific french artist, whose work consists mostly of extremely detailed natural history still life studies. I have a cashmere/silk GM shawl of his design titled "Plumes" and it is one of my favorite shawls. The extreme detail with which he renders the feathers look as if you could pick each one up and with a breath of air watch it gently fall back into place.

Much of Linares pieces as scarves for Hermes consist of paintings drawn on the silk of hunting trophies of dead game. I have heard many a collector repulse at the thought of tying something deceased around their neck.

The problem is that I have always been extemely drawn to the details with which Linares transports us into the study of the fur and the feathers of the animals. Even the colors are so lifelike that I find that my eyes seem to move about each piece almost expecting something to stir.

One piece in particular that has always attracted me is "Gibiers". I have always imagined that the piece would create a stunning presentation at a neckline. The problem has always been that the Gibiers scarf does seem to have almost a cult following, and so it does go kind of high in the resale market, thus worried that I might not like it as much as I have imagined I never was able to win one. Until now. And actually the one that I accquired this week was truly worth the wait.

It is a stunning plisse (pleated carre) so not only do I get the detailing of the design at a neckline, I also get incredible texture also.

My Gibiers is pictured below.

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