Thursday, September 25, 2008

Musings on "Give me your tired..." of How to tie the not so perfect scarf perfectly...

A few years ago a friend who knows that the scarf design closest to my heart is "Fauna et Flore du Texas", gave me ( I say gave because the price for which she parted it to me, was nearly free) a Texas Wildlife that had reached her in a state other than described in an eBay listing.

The scarf was beautiful but it had some little holes near the hem of one edge. My friend feared that they were moth holes, I suspect that it had been chewed in a zipper. But it was after all a Texas, ( I own more Texas Wildlife than any other design it truly is very close to my heart, and I wear them a lot) and I believed that the damage was not the scarf's fault it still deserved to be loved and cared for as any other. (Actually I end up wearing this one more than all of the others, because I don't have to worry that something might happen to him.)

Many collectors have those pieces in their collections, that were not cared for properly by previous owners, and are always looking for ways to tie them to hide the imperfections.
Well today again I got out my tried and true Oliver Holy Turkey to wear to a doctor's appointment this morning. Allergies are leaving me feeling drained and blue, and I needed a scarf that would make me feel not so punky. My Turkey came through with shining colors.

As I was tying him on this morning I happen to realize that I was using my perfected plisse knot with still another carre. This caused me to pause and realize that this is the perfect knot for hiding any imperfections and still go on enjoying a scarf that deserves to be enjoyed.

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