Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where To Go If You Want To Be Informed Regarding Collecting Hermes Scarves

I have been getting quite a few emails from people wanting to know more on collecting Hermes Scarves. I thought I would address some of these questions here.

First of all just because a scarf says Hermes on it, do not assume that you have just discovered the "real" thing. Even if you found it in Grandmother's scarf drawer and she collected scarves for years. There have been unscrupulous manufactures of fake Hermes scarves for years, and yes they were often sold to tourists even in France.

Hermes has some very distinctive features, and there are no books, or collectors guides out there that there to tell you the difference between fake, and the real thing. And any book at the moment offering to be a definitive guide to Hermes is not nor ever was sanctioned by the House of Hermes and there for should in no way be recognized as something definitive.

So then how does one educate oneself regarding how and what to collect.

First of all visit a store that sells Hermes and touch, feel, and possibly take home the real thing. Hermes sales associates are always glad to display for you the current season selection. And there is no comparison to the translucent magic of Hermes when held to the light.

Second, the most valuable source of information regarding collecting Hermes comes from the collectors themselves. Many of which have been collecting for years and years. Many have visited, and toured the factory themselves in Paris. Connecting with the internet forums where collectors meet to discuss their passion is not difficult. There are at least three of them on Yahoo Groups and they are always welcoming newcomers to the world of Hermes scarves. The collective voice of these wonderful people can be invaluable to you as a collector, and will most likely help in preventing the mishap of you ending up with an unauthentic item.

Here are the email addresses to request membership, if you are so inclined.

Many years ago, I was coresponding with a woman in the United Kingdom on the subject of scarf collecting, seeking a forum of people who shared our passion for collecting silk squares of all collectible makers. It was this woman who directed me to the Hermes Yahoo forums, as there aren't any forums for simply "scarf collectors". I have always been grateful to her for suggesting and pointing me in the direction of the Hermes groups. They have been the source of not only information but wonderful friendships that have withstood the test of time.

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