Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Knot Three Scarves - A Good Basic Knot For Any Silk Scarf

There was a knot that we discussed and tried in the scarf groups a while back called the "Friendship Knot". It can be found by searching the web. Although it is a beautiful and interesting knot, many found it difficult to tie on a whim.

I was playing around with a chiffon GM one day feeling a bit rushed to get it tied and be on my way. I discovered a quick variation on the "Friendship Knot" theme, but much easier, and faster to accomplish. I don't have a name for it, as it is simply what happened when I flipped one end of the scarf this way, then that and was done.

The good thing about this knot is it is very versatile. I have often heard others say that they do not wear GM (the larger 54 x 54 inch) scarves because they are shorter in stature and feel they do not know what to do with all of the fabric. This knot solves that problem. It also works well for oblong scarves that are not square as well as the regular carre size.

Here is how it is accomplished:

If using a square scarf first start with a basic bias fold. Hold with one end slightly longer than the other end. With the longer end pinch a loop.

Then bring the un-pinched end over the top of the loop you made by pinching.

Coming down across the loop, bring that same end up against you and through the top of the opening at your neck.

Now bring that end up, over and down into the center of the pinched loop.

Pull tight and straighten to adjust. And Voila!

I have found that this knot is also great for when you think it might just be too warm to wear a scarf, as it can be tied so that it keeps a lot of the fabric away from the front of your neck. It hangs nicely and even creates a little cooling flutter.

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