Friday, July 4, 2008

For "The Birds"

This has absolutely nothing to do with scarf collecting , Hermes Scarves, Silk Scarves or anything else "En Soie". (Except that I did wear a "Rogues Gallery Gull Scarf" today in Navy). This is how I spent my 4th of July.

In 1963 Alfred Hitchcock made a move called "The Birds" staring Tippi Hedren. He filmed the movie in a little town not far from where I live called Bodega Bay. Tippi Hedren was in Bodega Bay today signing autographs.

While I was there, there was a young man from San Jose, who was there to present Ms. Hedren with the gift of a doll in her image. The doll was actually a proto-type for the new Mattel Hitchcock Birds Barbie that is due out in October of this year.

Ms. Hedren is also the president and founder of the Roar Foundation which owns and operates a haven preserve for big cats who were born in captivity. But have become orphaned or are no longer being taken care of by their previous owners. Her devotion to their preservation ia something so wonderful to me, and I was so grateful for the oportunity to say thank you to her for her work on the efforts of these big cats. I also got her autograph, as that is the reason she was there. Afterwards, we lunched at the Sandpiper on the wharf. It was a lovely day.

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