Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Musings On My Hermes Scarves

I recently sold this scarf to a collector in France. I was very pleased to hear from her that she had taken the "Accidents De L' Equitation" with her on a recent trip to Paris. There she was able to show it to Hermes who informed her that the artist was Hugo Grykgar and it was done in 1945.
I was very pleased that she was able to find out the artist. I had written Hermes when I recieved it, but I had not received a reply.
This is one of those times when scarf collecting is truly the most fun, when you are able to share back and forth with other true scarf collectors.
I had not worn this piece, as it was not in pristine condition when I recieved it, and I knew that it was a very rare Hermes scarf. I had always considered it more of a museum piece.
I truly love collecting scarves, but honestly I want to be able to wear them and enjoy them. The only other option that I felt this one had was to be framed. And well I have said it before...just not enough wall space.

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