Monday, June 30, 2008

So it seems that the history of quality silk scarves from Switzerland, should not be over-looked by the collector. As today I found this interesting statement while doing a little more research on "En Soie":

"Enchanting Silk Fabrics-
Zürich's silk tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. After the Reformation, religious
refugees from the South settled in Zürich, bringing with them deep-founded expertise and
valuable business relationships. Subsequently, Zürich developed into a leading textile
center. The raw materials were imported and the finished products exported – for the
stringent clothing customs forbade the women of Zürich from wearing elegant fabrics. In the
1980s, “Fabric Frontline” and “En Soie” revived Zürich’s silk tradition and started producing
haut couture garments. Siblings Elsa, Maya and Andy from “Fabric Frontline“ combine the
Swiss feel for handicraft and detail with modern design and the spirit of the times. Their silk
accessories are characterized by delicate floral motives and abstract patterns. Thus the
Zürich silk clan is not just preserving traditions, but also cultivating an affinity for luxury
textiles all over the world.
Fabric Frontline, Ankerstrasse 118, 8004 Zürich
En Soie, Strehlgasse 26, 8001 Zürich" .... (

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