Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sometimes the lazy days of summer allow us to renew old passions...

I have been noticing that the enjoyment of things these days just seams deeper, and richer for some strange reason these days. Take today for instance... I spent the morning washing some scarves. (I have not taken the time to do that in what feels like a very long time) The sweet smell of the Mrs. Meyers lavender soap, was soothing in the cool of the early morning air that drifted through the open window at the sink. The cool caress of the wet silk in the washing pan against my skin as the day began to warm up it's welcome. The birds calling back and forth to each other in the yard through the screen of the door in the serenity room as I pressed each scarf dry. The brightness of the twill in the light as I pressed. All of these feel like rich gifts of the day today, as I sit down to take account of all things I quite simply enjoyed about today.

You see I collect scarves; silk scarves to be exact. (although some are cashmere mix) Scarves are a passion for me. Each one is a work of art, wearable art! (art another passion of mine, just not enough wall space) There is always a place to wear a scarf.

Most of my collection are Hermes scarves, but truly artistic scarves can also be found made by other makers. Sometimes they hold a little mystery!

For instance a recent piece that I was able to add to my collection bares a label that says "En Soie" with two dancing rabbit silhouettes. There were words on the design of the scarf according to the seller of the piece that states "Fur Anna Von Innes".

I began trying to research the piece, one of the main problems was that many European scarves carry the words "En Soie" on their labels. So this was not really going to help me. The sellers description of the words on the front of the piece turned out to not be useful alone either. Now I consider myself to be pretty good at ferreting out information. So I dickered and played a bit with the words "En Soie" and came across the actual trademark registry for those words and the dancing rabbits.

Having found the trademark and actual address for "En Soie" I was able to find out that is is a lovely little specialty boutique in Zurich, which offers many textile items including silk scarves by a particular artist / designer Ines Boesch. one of the scarves they have sold in the past is named "Anna" which is in fact the design of the piece which had started this research. All of the designs by this artist are quite whimsical. Including several pieces which hang in the Museum of Design Zurich. (including my scarf "Anna", which is actually shawl size since it is 130cm x 130cm)

"Anna" was produced in 1990 by Ines Boesch. The one which I have added to my collection has a history in that it was owned by Durie Appleton, a longtime resident of Palm Beach. Florida. She lived to be 91 years old. There were rumors that she dated John F. Kennedy, and even that she was secretly married to him at one time. All of which she definitely denied. The only factual evidence regarding any relationship that can be substantiated is that she was friends with the Kennedy family.

It is funny how things come full circle. My love of scarves has a lot to do with the fact that I was a young girl during the Kennedy Era. Jackie Kennedy was not only famous for the pill box hats, but also for fashionably wearing the head scarf. My mother made many dresses for me as a young girl and always took some of the fabric and fashioned a matching headscarf.

Most recently I have discovered how enjoyable it is to travel and stay in a hostel. I am thinking of doing more of this type of traveling. I found a website for a hostel in Zurich that says that the curtains are of fabric designed by Ines Boesch.

Life has such interesting connections!

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