Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shingles Vaccine Getting The Word Out

Today I am envious of our sisters in the world who for cultural reasons wear the scarf as a Hijab.
I know that a lot of people that I care about look in and follow this blog from time to time. I am hoping to spread the word that there is a vaccine for "Shingles".
I did not know this until it was too late for me.
You see I was diagnosed with this horrible illness yesterday. I am hoping that all who see this will ask their doctor about the vaccine so that they do not have to go through what I am now experiencing.
About 14 days ago I noticed I was have strange headaches that felt extremely tingly, and sensitive. I told people it was a headache because that is the only way I knew how to describe what was happening. In truth it felt like the top of my head was boiling from underneath my skin.
I went on with life, took Motrin which seemed to help. Went to work as usual, went on little outings to take some pictures with Joseph.
Then Friday we went on a drive along the coast to some favorite places. By the afternoon I felt sick, and on one side of my neck it was swollen in a lymph area. I was extremely tired. But this felt normal since it was the start of the weekend for me and I had worked midnight shifts all week.
Saturday morning I awoke to paralysis in my face and a drooping of my right eye. There was a reddish swollen area above the right eye. I was convinced I had a stoke in the night.
Joseph rushed me to my doctor, after we called the service and spoke to her and she had me come right in to the office.
The diagnosis was shingles, I was given scripts for the usual medications.
This morning I am in immense pain with more swelling and difficulty with my limbs on the right side of my body. Which I have found out is all typical for shingles like I have.
It is so beautiful here in our area, spring has arrived early and the mustard fields are wide and beautiful. But I can not enjoy the beauty of the wonderful gift of spring right now due to this horrible debilitating illness.
Please if you see this blog, talk to your doctor about getting a vaccine. I never even knew I should or that it was possible.
This illness will pass in time, but it is a terrible thing to go through and the pain is like nothing I have ever experienced.


theduchessofH said...

Thank You for posting this information.
My husband had shingles ten years ago and it was the most painful experience of his life.
He was lucky that he was diagnosed within 24 hours of his symptoms and was started on an oral medication.
I had no idea that there is a vaccine for shingles?
I am now going to google for information.

Gail said...

My dearest Dragonfly Shingles is horrible but it is a variant of the herpes virus a relative of the little horror that produces cold sores aka fever blisters.

I use L-Lysine the topical form and the oral form at onset and it subdues the beast rather quickly. These are OTC the cream and the pills are sold at your local drug stores L-Lysine is an amino acid - I would take 1000mg every two hours at onsetand apply the cream to any lesion that surfaces. So if you wish to try this is what I would do.

I am not a doctor so check with your medical professional but I hope this will be successful for you.

I wish you all the best