Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reflections & Resolutions

Life moves so fast we almost miss it in our own self created whirlwind. This is a brand new year full of so much promise and so much hope, for so many people. Sometimes something happens in a moment and I am caused to stop and truly reflect on all that the experience means.

I answered a phone call this past week, it was a business call and the caller was also someone I count as a friend. She had information that needed to be relayed and information she needed from me. We handled the matter of the call in all pleasantness, and then I wished her a good week (this one up coming) and she stated back to me in words that were so simple yet they were full of so much upbeat emotion. "This is going to be a wonderful week!"

I realize now that she was thinking outside of our moment's box. She was feeling and thinking across an unselfish, and broader plane than my colloquial comment had been. She was thinking with connection and all of the silver threads that come with our connections. She was reflecting a global consciousness, a gift to me in one brief moment in time.

Having that experience with her has caused me to reflect and wonder, how many of those moments have I missed in the past. Those brief ellipses of time where there is true meaning being cast forth from the universe. Meaning that is there to cause me to stop learn and listen, if only I would pause long enough to take it in.

It is always happening for all of us experiences and events sometimes brief, sometimes extended in time. But always gifts from the universe telling us that nothing is just about us. A call to say "stop, feel connected" to something bigger than the moment and bigger than ourselves.

I am not usually one for resolutions at the start of a New Year, but I vow to try to be more aware of the essences of each and every moment.
Mother Universe
Mother Universe

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