Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Word Of Caution to all who deal or purchase on ebay.

We have all heard it before, "Don't do sales off Ebay", that is all well and good but I also run an internet store away from ebay for things that I cull from my collection.

Recently I decided to let some things go, on eBay that I had culled from my collection.

One item in particular is a highly collectible piece. A Venezia shawl, I had only worn the piece a couple of times, and due to recent health issues among other things I decided to place it in the cull pile and sell on ebay.

I received a message from an ebay member who is also a dealer of luxury goods, and she wanted to purchase it off ebay. At first I said no to the offer, for several reasons, her offer was a bit insulting, and it was evident that she is a dealer, and I really wanted the shawl to go to someone who would wear it and not be seeking to profit.

As it turned out the person was very persistant, to the point of complete pestering me at every opportunity. I finally agreed to sell through my store, but she did not want to pay shipping nor have me insure the item or request a signature confirmation. Well we all know where that would have led.

To make a long story short be very cautious in dealing with the ebay seller Bagageria. I firmly believe after review of her feedback the whole matter is a scham to purchase items, then either return fakes to sellers, or claim them as non received.

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