Saturday, October 4, 2008

Musings On Paradis du Roy

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"Paradis du Roy" was released in 1989, and was designed by Annie Faivre. It is a wonderful piece full of imagery that causes the eyes to wander. The design also contains Annie Faivre's famous monkey.

Here is the feature story taken from the Autum/Winter 1989/1990 booklet which featured this design:

"The monarch whom all the world called simply "The KIng" commanded an appropriately majestic dwelling- Versailles.
Here Louis XIV and his progeny ruled resplendently for a hundred years, from the glittering 1680s to the dawn of the
French Revolution. Kings enthroned in a gilded palace, parks peopled with statues of gods. The royal vegetable
garden, designed by Jean de la Quintine, is tended today by the National Horticulture School."

The design takes its inspiration from the Gardens at Versailles, quite possibly the most famous gardens in the world. Just as in the real garden the Bassin d’Apollon – the Apollo Fountain is the central focal point so it is within the design by Ms. Faivre.

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