Sunday, July 31, 2011

Introducing "Vida" born 10/26/50

Many many years ago when I first started quilting, I wanted a Singer Featherweight Machine. They are a piece of sewing history and historically are on record for having sewn the straightest seam in history. Plus the feature that they are only 11 lbs. of total portability for quilting. They simply are a quilter's dream.

I waited many years to have that dream realized. I was recently with a friend of my Mother's with whom I have stayed close to since Mom passed. I told her of my dream, and much to my astonishment, she said she had a machine for me.

Vida is a Centenial edition Singer 221, her case is beautiful as she is, and she has a penguin walking foot.

I named her after my great aunt Vida from Rogers Arkansas, who proudly owned a sewing center, and never missed a day of work. It seems fitting.

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