Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ah... Heaven In A Cup, and Serenity In A Book

I have always loved my time to curl up with a cup of tea and a great book. Now with a kindle that seems to be so much more easy to make happen in my life. It is always with me, and therefore I am not limited regarding timeframes for enjoying a quite moment in time for a special treat.

Not long ago, I rediscovered a favorite place to steele away and spend some time with Earl Grey, and a favorite read. An inviting little shop here in the Northbay, called "Northlight Books."

They have a marvelous selection of literature, shop folks who are great at hand selling because they too are bibliophiles. I always enjoy their recommendations. Attached to the shop is a wonderful little kitchen with delectible delights also serving tea and coffee. The patio, is ensconced under a huge arbor of wisteria, which provides shade and filtered sun, setting the perfect mood to drift away with the characters within a good story.

Today it was "Sunnyside" by Glen David Gold. I have only just begun the book, but it is already one of those that I love most with real characters from history blended into well researched fiction. In this case the main character is Charlie Chaplin, and the story starts out in 1916 at a great lighthouse off the farthest north coast of California.

I went for so long having to read for school, and work, that I had almost forgotten how wonderful reading for pleasure feels. Only recently after a trip to Northlight, I discovered a book titled "The End of Mr. Y" by Scarlett Thomas. A wonderful story that took me on a journey and had me feeling like an adult "Alice in Wonderland." I devoured the story, and in the end had that sense of self satisfaction that good books had always given me in the past.

It was after reading that book that I purchased my Kindle, and now I do not know how I ever did without it. Owning a Kindle does not mean that I do not still love going to bookshops, in fact I still love reading the back covers, jotting down notes and then adding titles to my "wishlist".

Have you ever finished a great book and then wanted something similar to read, well there is a website that will do just that.


Just type in what it is that you just finished and enjoyed and let the computer then make suggestions for you.

Of course Amazon will also always be ready with recommendations for you based on your rating of things that you have read in the past. But hunting for the next reading adventure for me is almost as fun as having the adventure itself.

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Ms. B said...

Such an enjoyable post! I so love independently owned book stores, I wish there were more of them! There was one in my childhood hometown that would always have a fireplace going in the colder months, I always enjoyed it there.

The "what should I read next" website is very handy! I too enjoy my earl grey :)