Sunday, November 2, 2008

Musings On Impose Ta Chance

Rene Char (1907-1988) was called the greatest poet of all time by writer
Albert Camus .
He was part of the surrealist movement, among his contemporaries were
Andre Breton, Paul Eulard, and Pablo Picaso.

His poetry emphasized hope in the face of struggle, which would later serve him well
in his efforts as a resistance leader against the Nazis in WWII.
Artist Valerie Dawlat-Dumoulin takes words from a poem by Char for her design,

Impose ta Chance.

A line from one of Char's poems is quietly inscribed among the rocks of this design.

The words read:

"Impose ta chance, serre ton bonheur et va vers to risque. A te regarder, il s'habitueront"
Loosely translates to:

Impose your luck, use your good will and to your risk,
a look at you they will get used to.
I take that to mean that we are what we dream,
we must dream big, believe in ourselves and others will believe in us.

This past year has had historical depths not just for our county but for the world.
Many people need hope in the face of struggle during these times.
The past few months have been no different, we have all been a part of
historical moments, that will be discussed for generations to come,
long after we are gone.

This next week may just prove to be among one of the most
defining moments in this nations history.
And so I dedicate the musings on this particular design
to the week that lies ahead.

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